Win the Mental Battle

Strategies for Enhanced Mental Performance with Dr. Peter Scales

Imagine tapping into the power of your mind and gaining control of the game beyond mere physical skills.

In this class, Winning the Mental Game of Pickleball, psychologist and performance coach Dr. Peter C. Scales, aka Coach Pete, will teach you to improve your on-court performance by tapping into the mental side of your game. You will learn strategies and techniques to help you manage the nerves and pressure that come with the ups and downs of a match.

Gain the calmness and confidence to overcome the challenges that come your way and amp up your fun factor when you play. 

Winning the Mental Game

You'll learn to

Harness the essentials of momentum management to maintain your edge.

Learn to enjoy the game more, regardless of winning or losing, by focusing on mental resilience.

Discard excuses and embrace challenges to elevate your pickleball games.

Tame your stress response and keep your cool in high-pressure situations .

Learn to use improvisation within the structure of the game.

Navigate the ups and downs of a match with greater ease and confidence,.

Apply practical insights from the Winning the Mental Game Workbook for continual improvement.

Module 1 - Adjust & Adapt

Unlock the secret to discarding excuses and elevating your game. Learn to embrace each challenge and make pickleball more exhilarating than ever.

Module 2 - Lizard Brain

Discover how to conquer your stress response with Coach Pete's tried and true techniques to tame the "lizard brain" that hinders your performance under pressure.

Module 3 - Managing Momentum

Master the art of strategic decision-making and momentum management by embracing simplicity and focus.


Gain access to Coach Pete's exclusive Winning the Mental Game Workbook, jam-packed with 8 comprehensive worksheets, insightful articles, and practical examples, ensuring you can apply the concepts learned to your game.

Meet Your Coach

Coach Pete

Dr. Peter C. Scales - Coach Pete

Coach Pete is a developmental psychologist and internationally known positive youth development expert ( He is a USPTA-certified tennis teaching pro and has coached players from elementary school through adult recreational players.

He created the Compete-Learn-Honor approach to mental-emotional coaching and player development (, which has been featured in leading tennis, pickleball, and all-sports forums such as USTA’s Compete Like A Champion podcast, USPTA’s ADDVantage Magazine, Better Pickleball’s Global Pickleball Summits, Pickleball Magazine, and to name a few. 

His award-winning book, Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis: Compete-Learn-Honor, has been called one of the best books ever on the mental game by the National High School Tennis Coaches Association. His new book, The Compete-Learn-Honor™ Playbook: Simple Steps to Take Your Mental & Emotional Tennis & Pickleball Game to a New Level (available on Amazon), has been touted as a "masterclass” in the mental game.

Coach Pete’s mental game advice column on tennis and pickleball, “The Bench,” appears regularly in Racquet Sports Industry Magazine, the flagship publication for the industry. 

Start your journey today with confidence and peace of mind!

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