Why Did Joey Chuck His Pickleball Paddle?
By: Tony Roig | January 2, 2023 |

Why Did Joey Chuck His Pickleball Paddle?

In this week’s video three tips you can use to avoid those maddening moments on the court.

Watch our interview with Joey Gmuer from Pickleball Pirates where we talk about his recent suspension for a pickleball paddle throw and share with him our tips to keep him cool next time.

0:00 Introduction to the frustrations when we play pickleball

1:50 Preparing for a pickleball game

3:10 Working on your mind as part of being a complete pickleball player

4:04 Joey’s volley battle with Mark and the paddle toss

5:10 How you frame the results of the rally

6:44 Change your perspective on the pickleball court

7:20 Failure as fuel for your success

8:48 Give your all when you play, but balance expectations

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