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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day Three-Eyes, Feet, Legs and Your Brain?

Virtual Summit Day Three with Kevin Huckle from Tyrol Pickleball, Dr. Pickleball Allan Rosenthal The Advanced Footcare Center, Barrett Kincheloe from Pickleball Kitchen, Rafael Fillipinni from Gearbox Sports.

Kevin Huckle shows us why pickleball specific shoes will keep you safer and improve your games. “Dr. Pickleball,” Allan Rosenthal, DPM lets us know which OTC remedies work best on those nagging foot issues. Barret Kincheloe shares tips and strategies to improve your mental focus. Rafael Filippini explains why pickleball players need protective eyewear and how to choose the right lens.

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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day Three Time Stamps

Kevin Huckle from Tyrol Pickleball 11:00

“Dr. Pickleball” Allan Rosenthal DPM 41:15

Barrett Kincheloe from Pickleball Kitchen 1:14:00

Rafael Filippini from Gearbox Sports 1:45:26

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