BETTER Pickleball Video Analysis FAQs

Pre-Call FAQs

It's a personalized analysis of your play by the Better Pickleball coaching staff to provide you with actionable feedback, in the following areas, as determined by the coach to be the most relevant for your improvement: stroke mechanics, footwork/movement, shot selection, gameplay concepts, and strategy.

The video analysis will point out the most important 2-3 items that you need to focus on right now to improve your game.

You will receive our coaching input, recommendations, and next steps during the a one-on-one 20-minute video conference with the coach. The conference will be recorded and be available for download.

Please shoot and upload the video first and then schedule your call. You will be sending us approximately 10 minutes of your play. It is important that the video be representative of your play – avoid extremes one way or the other. We will need a few days to review the video and generally ask for at least 5 days between video upload and conference to make sure we can give your video the proper attention.

You do not need to buy any fancy equipment to film your game.

Virtually everyone has a phone with a camera – that is plenty to film yourself playing.

If you don't ask one of your grandkids or another of your favorite pickleball partners.

The only item you may want to purchase is a small tripod with a clamp for your phone. Here’s a suggestion. That said, there are many different models and you should pick the one that is best for your situation.

Once you purchase your video analysis we'll send you additional details to assist you with videotaping your game.

You will send us about 10 minutes of play (can be a little more or a little less). The video you will send us is unedited between points. If you know how to do it, you can trim the beginning and end of the video. If you do not know how to do it, you can send it to us completely untrimmed.

Go to You do not need to download anything or pay any fees for the transfer. You are sending the file to coaching@Better from your email address.

You click on the + Add your files, add your files and click send.

You may have to download the video from your phone or other recording device to your laptop.

You can also send it directly from your phone.

If you have any problems uploading the video please contact us at coaching@Better

Coaching Call FAQs

Your coaching conference is where we will share with you our observations and recommendations with an aim to helping you improve your pickleball understanding and play. It will be helpful to have a notepad or other note-taking device. Let us know if you have any questions about the observations and recommendations we share with you. Our primary role is to help you achieve your objectives – this coaching conference is an important step in that journey.

The conference call will be 20 minutes. Our experience is that 20 minutes provides sufficient time for us to discuss the primary points of your play.

If you would like to schedule additional time to speak with your coach, you can schedule additional one-on-one time (there is a $20 charge for the additional meeting).

You will receive an email from us (via MeetFox) confirming your scheduled coaching conference. Please check your spam folder to make sure it is not sitting in there. If you have not received an email or have any difficulty with your link, email us coaching@Better

Click on this link to learn to reschedule your call.