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What it is

Personalized analysis of your play by the VIPickleball coaching staff to provide you with actionable feedback, in the following areas, as determined by the coach to be the most relevant for your improvement: stroke mechanics, footwork/movement, shot selection, gameplay concepts, and strategy.

The video analysis will point out the most important 2-3 items that you need to focus on right now to improve your game.

You will receive our coaching input, recommendations, and next steps during the a one-on-one 20-minute video conference with the coach. The conference will be recorded and be available for download.

How it works

Best locations to capture footage from

Best locations to capture footage from (see image):

A. The back of the court along the centerline is usually the best position for the camera, provided you can hang the camera at least 6 feet or so from the ground. If the fence is too short or too close to the court, then select position B

B. At an angle off the court, focusing primarily on your side of the court. It is important that we can see where you are prior to serving and returning serve. It is less important to see the actual landing of your shots, as long as we can see the position of the non-returner at the NVZ when your team is serving. If there is no fence and you need to use a floor tripod, you will use position B. Mount the camera as high as possible (while being safe doing so).

C. The side of the court is the last choice. Use this position only if there is no other choice or we specifically request this angle.

1. Begin by shooting approximately 10 minutes of unedited video footage of your play.

2. Upload your video via and send to coaching@Better (instructions vary depending on the device you are using. Please see the FAQs below for details.)

3. After your video is uploaded, schedule your 20-minute coaching conference using this link to our MeetFox coaching site. Please keep in mind that we need a minimum of 5 days after your video upload (see 3, below) to properly review your video for your coaching conference.

4. Your play will be evaluated by the VIPickleball coaching staff. We will review the video in order to determine the highest priority areas for you to work on to improve your game.

5. Your coaching conference will be held on MeetFox at the date and time scheduled. If you need to reschedule the conference there is a link to your DASHBOARD in the email or text. Absent emergency situations, we ask for at least 48-hours prior notice to re-schedule the conference.

6. We will provide you with a reminder message(s) prior to the coaching conference. That said, please make sure to notate the date and time in your calendar.

7. Plan to view the video conference call on a device with larger screen (e.g. laptop, Ipad, or similar). It will be easier for you to view the video. It will be harder to follow along the video on a smaller screen (e.g. a phone) and not having a video available will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the conference.

8. After your coaching conference, you will be able to download a recording of it from your MeetFox dashboard.

9. Video recordings will be deleted AFTER 30 Days.

👇👇Most questions are answered in the FAQS below. If there's something we missed please reach out to us at coaching@Better

Pre-Call FAQ's

Coaching Call FAQ's

Post Call FAQ's