Use this Advanced Non-Volley Zone Pickleball Strategy for Better Defense and Counter-Attacks
By: Tony Roig | October 17, 2023 |

Use this Advanced Non-Volley Zone Pickleball Strategy for Better Defense and Counter-Attacks

Pro pickleball players back away from the Non-Volley Zone Line when they play. These are advanced strategies for competitive pickleball players.

It creates a lot of confusion in pickleball.

In this pickleball instructional video, we teach you the reasons pros will sometimes step away from the NVZ (or kitchen) line and how you can use it in your game.

Stepping off the line does two things; One is it allows you more time to defend, and two, it lets you have more time to gage whether the shot might be going out.

It’s usually the best time to set up your defense and recognizing the outballs.

A common pitfall that pickleball players who try this approach can sometimes fall into is where players misunderstand backing off the non-volley zone line. 

Watch the full video and take advantage of what you learn to help you create better time for yourself to defend and also let those off balls go.

0:00 Introduction to court position when playing at the Non-Volley Zone Line

0:49 The Benefits you can gain from backing away from the NVZ line

2:20 Additional advantage for a counterattack – particularly with a 2-handed backhand

2:54 Potential error made when using this pickleball strategy

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