Use the SHIELD STRATEGY to Win More Points
By: Tony Roig | September 26, 2022 |

Use the SHIELD STRATEGY to Win More Points

You know the pickleball net has a negative side to it – it is the one that we hit the ball into to end the rally.

BUT … the pickleball net also has a positive side. It is one you can use to protect yourself from attack.

In this pickleball video, we explain the positive net to you and show you how to use the net when you are:

1 – hitting your third shot drops

2 – dinking up at the Non-Volley Zone

3 – in trouble (any time you are in trouble)

Bonus Tip – you can use the net to protect yourself against bangers. Use the net to create an out angle on their shot – or force the banger to hit their ball into the net. Give it a try.

Use the net to set up your pickleball defense, and you will start to play your best pickleball.

0:00 Introduction to the Pickleball Net and Common Errors
1:00 The Positive (Good) Side of the Pickleball Net
1:43 Using the Pickleball Net as a Shield / Force field
2:33 Three Uses for the Pickleball Net
2:40 Using the Pickleball Net with your Third Shot Drop
2:52 Using the Pickleball Net for your dinks
3:11 Using the Pickleball Net when you are in trouble
3:40 Interplay of the Pickleball Net with the Non-Volley Zone

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