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Get a copy of the only pickleball book specifically designed for beginners. 

Available as a PDF, paperback and Kindle

Getting Started--Your Pickleball Journey

The slogan for a popular table game could have been written to describe pickleball:

a minute to learn …

… a lifetime to master

You can play pickleball after only a few initial instructions. You can then spend an entire lifetime working to master the game.

In this Guide, you will receive the initial instructions to get started:

  • What you need to play and where you can find courts and games
  • How to play and keep score
  • Even some pickleball strategy to get you off on the right foot

All that you need to start playing pickleball is included.

"Absolutely perfect book for the beginner as well as an intermediate player. It includes everything to start building good habits from the start. Once you have the basics down, you can use this book to build a winning strategy going forward."  Joe Dish June 19, 2020