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By: Tony Roig | June 11, 2020 |

Top Ten Reasons You Should Play Pickleball

Top 10 reasons you should play pickleball
(in no particular order)
  1. Pickleball can be enjoyed by everyone. Young/not so young. Able-bodied/physically challenged. Top athlete/new to sports.
  2. Pickleball is a social We play to compete, but we also play socially. Come out to open pickleball play and join our community.
  3. Pickleball provides great exercise. One hour of tennis provides about 11 minutes of active movement. One hour of pickleball? About 22 minutes. Want to know more about pickleball’s health benefits? Click here.
  4. Pickleball allows you to grow both as a person and as an athlete. Developing mental toughness is as important as mastering a consistent serve.
  5. Pickleball is easy to pick up. Yet if you stick with it, pickleball is one of the most challenging athletic activities you will play.
  6. Pickleball is accessible. A huge field or large concrete pad is not necessary to play pickleball. If you have a driveway or half of a tennis court of space, you can play.
  7. Pickleball is affordable. You will need a paddle and some balls. Maybe some shoes. You can see our complete Need – Want Gear Checklist here.
  8. Pickleball is intergenerational. How many activities can a 65-year old and a 12-year old enjoy together? Pickleball is certainly one.
  9. Pickleball can be enjoyed as a familiy. Many families play pickleball together, including traveling to, and competing in, tournaments.
  10. Pickleball is fun. Ask anyone who plays pickleball or maybe just try it yourself. If you do not have fun, tell us (we are still waiting for our first “that was no fun” call).

Give pickleball a fair chance and it will give you back a lifetime of physical activity, friends, and fun.

If you are ready to start down your pickleball journey, our Getting Started Series is here to help you. Click here for more information.
Tony Roig

Hola. Hello. Konichiwa. After 40 years playing tennis, I am now a full-time pickleball player and professional. As a 5.0 rated Senior Pro Pickleball Player and an IPTPA-certified Master Teaching Professional, my focus is on helping players like you learn to play their best pickleball. In 2016, shortly after starting to play pickleball, my friend Tom and I jumped into the highest division at the first US Open in Naples, Florida. That morning it became clear just how much there is to learn in this seemingly simple sport – a lifetime of learning if you so choose. Since 2018, I have been on a mission to share my knowledge of pickleball so other players can enjoy the game at a higher level and attain their pickleball objectives. When not studying or playing pickleball, I like to travel with my other half, Jill.