From Reset to Root Canal

Developing Precision and Variety in Your Dink Shots

With all the hard hitters in the game, the dink is often underappreciated. But it's the key to moving up from the intermediate ranks.

And to really get a handle on the non-volley zone, you've got to mix it up with more than just one kind of dink. With this exclusive training, Three Dinks to Control the NVZ, taught by renowned Coach Sarah Mitten, you'll move from merely playing in the non-volley zone to controlling the kitchen line with precision and confidence. 

Whether it's setting the pace with a cooperative dink, regaining control with a reset dink,  or outmaneuvering opponents with the strategically placed root canal dink this course has been meticulously tailored to deepen your understanding, hone your skills, and elevate your performance.

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You'll learn to

Navigate the fundamentals of dink shots with a focus on paddle mechanics, ensuring you have a solid foundation for advanced techniques.

Employ the cooperative dink to maintain a smooth rhythm in rallies, creating opportunities for strategic plays at the NVZ.

Execute the reset dink effectively, allowing you to regain control of the game by changing the ball’s trajectory and pace.

Master the art of the root canal dink, a tactical move designed to disrupt your opponent’s position and rhythm by targeting challenging spots on the court.

Adjust your paddle angle and trajectory for precision, learning how to adapt your shot based on the specific dink you're hitting.

Elevate your game beyond the intermediate level by diversifying your dink shot repertoire, giving you more tools to control the NVZ effectively.

Module 1 - Paddle Angle and Trajectory

Hone your ability to effectively control the direction of the shot, seamlessly shifting it to create new shots. 

Module 2 - Reset Dink

Learn how to regain control and reset the game pace with targeted reset dinks, turning the tables on your opponents.

Module 3 - Cooperative Dink

Master the cooperative dink for distance control and set yourself up for strategic advantage at the NVZ.

Module 4 - Root Canal Dink

Root canals hurt, and this dink is a strategic shot aimed to disrupt and dominate by targeting your opponent's weaknesses.

Bonus Drills

These drills will turn your warm-ups into focused practice sessions and help you to learn the three dinks you need at the NVZ. 

Meet Your Coach

Sarah Mitten (1)

Sarah Mitten

Sarah is a native of Devon, England. She came to the U.S. in 1987 on a tennis scholarship to MSU. A Wimbledon qualifier and All-SEC Scholar-Athlete. Transitioning from a successful tennis career, Sarah embraced pickleball, quickly rising to prominence as a Senior Pro. 

Sarah's dedication extends beyond competing. She focuses on helping players elevate their game through comprehensive coaching. At the Mitten Pickleball Academy, in Hilton Head SC, she leads various clinics and training sessions, emphasizing skills, drills, and strategies tailored to players of all levels.

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