THIRD Shot Here will win you lots of points
By: Tony Roig | May 6, 2023 |

THIRD Shot Here will win you lots of points

There are lots of free points available during a pickleball game – if you know how to get them.

In this pickleball video we show you how to take advantage of scoring opportunities so you can get those easy (and even free) points.

We take a look at the rally after the side out. To start with, James Ignatovich is going to be serving to AJ Cohler.

Having the advantage of the freeze frame lets you see how on the left side of the screen there’s some open court available.

If you want to score more free points next time you play, number one, hit your third shots towards the open space. Number two, if you get a short return or serve, move forward, take it early, and drive it towards an open space, putting pressure on your opponents and probably getting you a free point.

0:00 Introduction to the Pickleball Game Study and How to Score Points

0:58 First rally breakdown – the attack shot on the stack

2:12 Second rally breakdown – the missed easy volley

3:19 Third rally breakdown – the ankle breaker – a missed opportunity

4:16 How to take advantage of the scoring opportunity

4:54 2 Tips to Score more points

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