The Ultimate Pickleball Dink Video You Need
By: Tony Roig | July 16, 2023 |

The Ultimate Pickleball Dink Video You Need

Nothing worse than getting a ball threaded between you and your partner.

In this video you will learn the proper movement and coverage to avoid being beaten down the middle and some of the things we should be thinking about at the non-volley zone.

We’ll show you how it looks like to:

Move laterally with your partner

Cover the middle. If they give a good shot on the back third of your body, good shot with speed and spin, it’s just a good shot but cover that middle.

Go with your partner and expect the ball down the middle.

It’s okay if we sometimes clash in the middle. It’s not my forehand, your backhand. It’s where the ball is coming from.

Respect the X:  If it’s going away from me, it’s probably your ball. If it’s coming away from you, it’s probably my ball.

Thank you to Mindy Yoder for helping us in this video and to the legendary Coach Deb Harrison.

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