Enhance your offense

Control the Rally from the start

Ever feel like you’re just reacting to the serve team's play rather than controlling the point? Are you always on defense rather than offense?

Winning starts with your return game, and "Play an Offensive Return Side with Scott Tingley" will equip you with the strategies and techniques to seize control of the rally from the very start. 

In this class, you'll learn the mechanics of offensive returns and fourth shots and gain an understanding of how to apply pressure, dictate play, and keep your opponents on defense. It will show you how to turn your return side into a potent weapon

Scott Tingley

You'll learn to

Adjust your return tactics to effectively counter a variety of serve types, making you a versatile player against any opponent.

Use your return of serve to immediately pressure the opposition.

Exploit backhands and other vulnerabilities turning every shot into an opportunity.

Balance power and control, ensuring your returns are fast enough to challenge the serve team without risking unforced errors.

Execute deep returns to the back of the court, disrupting your opponents' third shot.

Harness the fourth shot as a critical element of your offensive strategy, using it to maintain your advantage or regain control of the rally.

Understand your opponents' positioning to make smart, decisive shots that keep you in command of the game.

Module 1 - The Return of Serve Foundation

Understand the impact of different returns and how to effectively counter various types of serves.

Module 2 - The Fourth Shot

Discover how to execute an offensive fourth shot that increases your chances of winning the rally.

Module 3 - Fourth Shot Breakdown

Explore four key situations to perfect your fourth shot and better understand the decision-making dynamics.

Module 4 - Live Play Analysis

Real-game scenarios to show you how to make smart decisions that leverage your return game. 

Meet Your Coach

Scott Tingley

Scott Tingley

A former tennis standout, Scott found pickleball in 2012. His passion grew quickly, and before he knew it, he played 15+ hours per week. Scott is a Senior Pro player and has over 60 medals and counting.

Scott's extensive background as both a player and instructor has led him to become a Testing & Training Certifier for the IPTPA.

He focuses on boosting students' skills by emphasizing comfort and confidence on the court, helping them reach their pickleball goals.

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