The Stealth Move

Upgrade Your Dink into a Strategic Lob

Have you included the offensive lob in your non-volley zone game plan? If not, you are missing a powerful weapon to control the NVZ.

"The Offensive Lob with Stephanie Lane" is your go-to guide for adding this crucial shot to your game. The "Queen of the Lob," Stephanie shares the techniques she uses to masterfully disguise and deploy this shot against top senior pro players.

With her guidance, the transition from dink to lob becomes a powerful offensive strategy. You'll gain the skills to use the lob to your advantage, setting you up to win points and take control of the game.

The Offensive Lob with Stephanie Lane

You'll learn to

Use the same technique as your dink to create new strategies for your NVZ play.

Disguise your lob shot effectively, keeping your opponents guessing and unprepared for your next move.

Apply tailored lob tactics for both right-handed and left-handed opponents.

Identify the optimal moments and positions for executing a lob, enhancing your ability to make quick decisions.

Adjust your technique for both forehand and backhand shots, ensuring precision and control from any position.

Analyze your opponents’ court positioning to exploit opportunities for the lob and gain a strategic edge in the rally.

Leverage the lob as an offensive weapon to force your opponents' into defensive positions.

The Lob Foundation

Discover the core mechanics that turn a simple dink into a deceptive, rally-changing lob.

When to Lob

Ascertain the balls ideal for hitting a lob and those best avoided.

Reading Your Opponent

Gain insights into analyzing opponents' positions to execute the most effective lob strategy.

Strategies Against Righties

Learn to target the backhand of right-handed opponents with precision lobs to gain a positional advantage.

Strategies Against Lefties

Understand how to change the target on a lefty to go down-the-line or to the cross-court corner.

Bonus Drill

Hone your new skill with this drill - perfectly crafted for solo practice or with a partner.

Meet Your Coach

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie is a highly decorated player and coach. Since discovering the sport in 2011, she has captured numerous US Open and National titles at the Senior Pro level.

Balancing her competitive pursuits, Stephanie is also a distinguished IPTPA Master Teaching Professional, the highest level of certification the association offers. In addition, she serves as a regional director for IPTPA, where she plays a pivotal role in guiding and certifying instructors.

Known affectionately as the "Queen of the Lob" among her peers, Stephanie strategically employs the offensive lob to gain a tactical edge, disrupting opponents' strategies at the NVZ line. 

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Make the Offensive Lob Your Secret NVZ Weapon