The definitive Left-Handed / Right-Handed Pickleball Partner Play Video
By: Tony Roig | April 28, 2024 |

The Definitive Left-Handed / Right-Handed Pickleball Partner Play Video

Those lefties can be tough to play with. As a lefty myself, I should know. In fact, I am an expert in navigating the lefty-righty landscape.

The question that you need to start with is, what is a left-right combination? You need to decide if you’re really in a lefty-righty situation.

Why is this important? Even though some players are physically left-handed, they are actually right-handed player in terms of their strongest side.

You could be in a situation where you have two right-handed players, but you’re partner is more of a back-hand player which then makes the partner a left-handed player.

The second question is to decide who takes the shot.

Watch the video for two rules that you can leverage in a lefty-righty situation and a powerful technique to add to your game as a pickleball player.

0:00 Introduction to playing with a left-handed player

0:34 What does left-handed / right-handed play mean

2:38 Who takes the middle ball

3:27 Respect the X is the strategy for all situations

4:38 What is the best shot for our team – the overriding question

7:20 Stacking – the powerful strategy for all levels of play

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