Denise M.

“I have SO enjoyed the System. My husband and I have gone back through the strategic part and even the drills. As you stated … you see information with new opened eyes, and it truly has been amazing.

I will only mention two things:

1. When we started, we played with another couple and were all pretty ‘equal’ in our play, technique, and close games. My husband and I searched for players to help us to continue to advance. We met back up with this couple over the weekend, and WOW! Our progress is indescribable. There truly was no comparison between our play and theirs.

2. An advanced group of men I have seen and played with individually over the past six months asked me to play. I learned SO much! The main thing I started doing was after I got to the ball, I would add intentionality. It was as though the game slowed down, and my shots were calm, purposeful, and not reactionary.

Whenever I get ‘lost’ in the game and start playing other people’s styles, I refocus back to MY game and MY intentionality.

This may seem small to you two, BUT … I am no longer afraid to play anyone, anywhere, at any time. You two are AMAZING!!!!!”