pickleball third shot

The BEST Place to Hit the 3rd Shot

By Tony Roig / February 10, 2023 /

In pickleball, having a reliable third shot can give you the edge you need to play your best pickleball. In this video, we’ll be diving into 5 popular spots to hit a pickleball third shot. You’ll see the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and it may change your mind about what shot, and strategy…

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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day One-Paddles, Jolt, Drops, Drives and the Kitchen

By CJ Johnson / April 5, 2020 /

Virtual Summit Day One kicks off with Nicole Havlicek from Primetime Pickleball, Brandon Swanson The Paddle Geek, Drew Evans The Pickleball Librarian, and Laura Fenton Kovanda 4x US Open Champ and Owner of World Team Pickleball. What’s the best 3rd shot, and why? Nicole Havlicek tackles the great 3rd shot debate. Paddle Geek Brandon Swanson…

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Pickleball Third Shot-STOP Getting Killed on the Way to the Net

By CJ Johnson / October 26, 2019 /

 When you first learned to play pickleball, were you told to run to the non-volley zone right after the third shot, no matter what? If so you’re not alone, it’s pretty common, that’s how I was taught. Immediately running to the net is excellent advice if you’re the returning team, or if you happen…

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The Technique for a Consistent Pickleball Drop Shot

By CJ Johnson / August 10, 2019 /

Are you consistently hitting your drop shots into the net? Or perhaps they’re so high; your opponents are hitting them back fast and hard at your feet? Then it’s time to develop some touch on your pickleball drop shot. There is no doubt that the pickleball drop shot is ­one of the most challenging shots…

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Pickleball Drills-The Third Shot Game

By CJ Johnson / September 23, 2018 /

  [click_to_tweet tweet=”Would you like to create a more consistent pickleball third shot AND have fun doing it?” quote=”Great pickleball players have one thing in common, they can execute a third shot or a series of third shots that’ll allow their team to get to the net and eliminate their opponents’ advantage.”]   Great pickleball…

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