pickleball line calls

Pickleball Line Calls-Out or In?

By betterpickleball / October 17, 2017 /

When you play pickleball, you are actually a player-ref. The rules require that you call out balls when you see them and that any doubt MUST benefit the opponents. How do you make the best line calls; Out or In? Here’s what you need to do: 1.  Call balls you clearly see out on your…

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Pickleball Rules- The Line is Good

By betterpickleball / August 3, 2017 /

It’s true that a ball that hits the line is good. In other words, the line is considered part of the court. But it’s not that simple. Do you know that a ball contacting the playing surface outside of the baseline or sideline, (the kitchen line on the serve is a different rule) even though…

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