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Episode 159 The Best from our Archives - How to use fundamentals to play your best
#159- The Best from our Archives – How to Use Fundamentals to Play Your Best PLUS the 80-10-10 Rule
You do not need a double topspin reverse shot with a pike finish to win at pickleball. If you want to be a successful pickleball player in the sense of…
#154- Debunking the “Simple” Myth PLUS Free your Body and Mind
It’s a myth that doing things simply is not the way to advance as a player. Just nothing could be further from the truth. In this episode, I’ll tell you…
The Best Pickleball Grip
What’s the best pickleball grip? Like most things pickleball, the answer is it depends. If you come from another racket or paddle sport, chances are you’re going to bring that grip…