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3 Proven Tips for a Better Pickleball Backhand
3 Proven Tips for a Better Pickleball Backhand
For most players, the backhand side is the weaker side so it doesn’t generate a lot of power, consistency, or accuracy. The pickleball backhand can be a formidable weapon. But…
4 Common Errors Hurting Your Pickleball Backhand
Are you suffering from a weak or inconsistent pickleball backhand? If you’re making one of these four common mistakes, you’ll have consistency and power issues. One of the most frequent…
What it REALLY takes to hit a GOOD Pickleball Backhand!
I think it’s pretty safe to say that for most pickleball players, our backhand is not as consistent as our forehand. While you might be able to run around your…
How to Hit a Pickleball Backhand with Consistency and Power
As a teacher people often as me about their pickleball backhand. I hear comments like, my backhand seems to go everywhere. When it does go in it doesn’t have any power! CJ what…
Want to Hit Better Pickleball Groundstrokes? Use Your Feet (Part 2)
Balance and strong footwork are cornerstones of any sport. The most challenging shot to hit is when we are off-balance. Footwork in pickleball is an often overlooked key component of…