#1508- The Three Spheres of Your Mental Game – Special Episode
In this special episode we cover the three spheres of the pickleball which are perspective, play, and progress. This will help you to further develop or deepen your understanding of…
#144- Lost in the Pickleball Jungle? PLUS To Target or Not To Target
I want you to understand that you really have to start from a point of a different perspective than the one that perhaps you’re used to. I got an email…
#138- Did I Almost Cry? Yes. Yes I did.
Quattro (4) tips to help you in your pickleball journey: A guide on a couple of things during the way We’re going to cover; a perspective subject, talk about the…
#136- Special Episode- Perspective from the 2023 US Open
 Winning. Losing. They are both natural parts of   our sport. Perspective is something you can control. Gain it, and you will feel better, play better, and enjoy a healthier relationship…
Avoid this Pickleball Pitfall (All Shots and No Framework)
#132- Avoid this Pickleball Pitfall (All Shots and No Framework)
Many players fall into a pitfall of their own making. Specifically, players think that they need this shot or that shot. And that the framework of the game is secondary.…