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#1513- Mailbag Episode - Tony's Take on Your Open Items - April 2024
#1513- Mailbag Episode – Tony’s Take on Your Open Items – April 2024
We’ve had great conversations with our therapists that we will share here. One of our therapist talks about the importance of the mental game as we age & the mental…
Pickleball mindset
Mental Game
Attitude Adjustment: How Can a Shift in Thinking Boost Your Pickleball Abilities?
Just like a pickleball game filled with its good shots, interesting line calls, and unpredictable bounces, my Peloton journey was speckled with life’s complexities, surprise detours, and the influence of…
Mental Game
Negative Self-Talk//TWO WORDS to Stop with Coach Dayne G.
I can’t believe I missed another dink. It’s such an easy shot! Why am I having such a hard time with this? If I keep missing those shots, nobody is…