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Pickleball rules
Rule Review: A Swing and Miss
A Swing and a Miss is ok, sometimes. Did you ever have a really bad day at pickleball play? Your timing seems off and you can’t see the ball coming…
Pickleball Playing Tips
Playing Tip: Silent Partners are for Business
Silent partners may be good in business, and sometimes in marriage, but they do not make good pickleball partners. Communication between partners helps avoid unforced errors that come when you…
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rule Review: Let Serve
A let serve means let’s do that again! If your serve touches the net yet somehow continues to make it across the net, beyond the kitchen line, and into the correct…
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rules- Pickleball Paddle Envy? Size Matters
Sometimes equipment makes the player. I wouldn’t personally blame my paddle for my misses, but the right gear can increase your confidence and improve your game. There are only a…
little duck
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rules: What Hit Me?
Sometimes your best shot is a duck! It is a fault against you if the ball hits you, even if it just brushes the hairs that are sticking out on…
Out or In
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Line Calls-Out or In?
When you play pickleball, you are actually a player-ref. The rules require that you call out balls when you see them and that any doubt MUST benefit the opponents. How…
Pickleball Playing Tips
Pickleball Playing Tip-You Get What You Hit
Reactions slow with age. The ball comes back quickly in pickleball so if you can anticipate it you will be better prepared and anything that you can do to get a…
Non-Volley Zone
Pickleball Playing Tip-The Kitchen & the Bathroom?
Pickleball Playing Tip-Think of the pickleball court as rooms in your home—the kitchen, the bathroom, and the hallway. We all know where the kitchen is on the pickleball courts—the first…
Pickleball rules
Playing Tip: Calling Lines
Playing Tip: Calling Lines-Never in Doubt             How would you like to hear your dentist say “I think that was the right tooth.” Or have your banker say “that check probably…
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rules-Avoiding the Kitchen
Everyone knows that you cannot hit the ball before it bounces if you are in the kitchen. What some may not realize is that you cannot let your momentum from…
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rules-Is an Erne Legal
Do you know that you are allowed to stand anywhere on or off the court at any time during play? The only exception is when you are serving. You must…
Pickleball rules
Pickleblall Rules- Hit by the Pickleball
If a ball in play hits you, it is a fault against you. That’s true even if it only grazes your hair. And it doesn’t matter where you are on…
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rules – The Horizontal Bar near the Bottom of the Net
Who hasn’t hit the bar at the bottom of the net? LOL!! The stabilizing bar along the lower part of our collapsible nets can cause some problems. Here is what…
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rules-Serving Etiquette
The rules state that you should not serve until the receiver is ready and the score has been called. In a tournament, if you serve before the referee has called…
Non-Volley Zone
Pickleball Strategy-What’s a Dink Shot and Why Hit it?
When you hear the word DINK, many people think Double Income No Kids, but that’s not what it means in Pickleball! We talk about the dink shot, we practice it,…