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Beginners Corner
In the Pickleball Kitchen with Kelly and Ryan
 Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest recently hosted brothers Ben and Colin Johns on their Live morning show. They got a few quick pointers along with an ominous warning from…
My Top Pickleball Strategy-How to Play Better FAST
How do you know what improvement path is going to get you the fastest results? Having played pickleball for about 5 years now, I have had the pleasure of meeting…
Beginners Corner
The One Pickleball Fundamental You HAVE to Understand
The one pickleball fundamental you have to understand Pickleball is more than just getting the ball over the net and into the court. Pickleball is easy to learn but it can take a lifetime to master every aspect of the game. The first fundamental that you have to understand is that the strategies when you are the serve team differ from the strategies when you are the return team. If you do not understand this difference, you cannot succeed as a player. Period. When you are the serve team, you are at a disadvantage because of the Two-Bounce Rule. The disadvantage is that your opponents (the return team) will be able to move up to the NVZ line before you. Most successful doubles pickleball is played at the NVZ line. You must first neutralize that disadvantage and get you into position to win the rally and score a point. When you are the return team, you have the positional advantage of being able to control the NVZ line first. You must maintain that advantage and make it as difficult as possible for the serve team to score a point. Neutralizing when you are on the serve side of the ball and maintaining your advantage when you are on the return side of the ball is how you will win more rallies and, as a result, win more games.
Non-Volley Zone
My Pickleball Partner Won’t Come to the Net!
Have you ever played pickleball with a partner who just won’t come to the net? Pickleball rec play is one of the unique aspects of this sport, which makes it…
Teaching Pickleball and Advice Giving-A Look Through the Eyes of a Contrarian
One of the things that makes teaching pickleball so much fun is there are always exceptions to the rule. It also makes receiving pickleball advice confusing.   In addition to…
Pickleball Playing Tips
Playing Tip: Pickleball Language Primer
A game as fast as pickleball requires an abbreviated pickleball language to communicate. One of the first phrases of pickleball language new players learn is the “non-volley zone,” the first…
What is pickleball
Beginners Corner
What is Pickleball?
  Has someone told you about a fun game with a pretty strange name? Or perhaps you’re tired of explaining it to your friends when they say, “pickle what?” When…
Non-Volley Zone
Reflex Volley Drill for Faster Pickleball Reactions
[Tweet “How would you like to improve your reaction time when you get into a volley exchange at the net? This single person drill will improve your reactions in no…
Pickleball rules
Rule Review: On the Clock
The clock matters only a couple times in pickleball.  The entire score must be called before the server begins his or her service motion. When all players are in place, and…
Pickleball rules
Rule Review: That’s Handy
Perhaps unique to pickleball, a ball can be hit twice, bounced on your paddle, or “carried,” as long as this occurs during a continuous motion in a single direction.   The ball…
Playing Tip: Get a Grip on Pickleball Paddle Care
Taking care of your Pickleball Paddle is going to make it last longer and perform better. Paddles collect particles and body oils just as your sunglasses do. Grips get slippery…
Pickleball rules
Rule Review: Still The Most Misunderstood Rule In Pickleball
During a recent referee training, I asked Mark Peifer, to shoot a rules video. It didn’t take him long to pick a topic, rule 6.D.12.   As a certified referee who…
Pickleball rules
Rule Review: Why All The Different Pickleballs?
Every player seems to have a preferred ball. While there are some differences, according to the rules there are a few things that all pickleballs have in common. You may think it’s…
Pickleball Playing Tips
Playing Tip: That’s what Friends are For
You always want a friend by your side. When you and your partner are together, you form a barrier that your opponents must penetrate. This is true whether at the…
Pickleball rules
Rules Review: Above the Net
Sometimes it’s okay to reach over the net; sometimes not so much.  Here’s the difference. You may not cross the plane of the net with your arm or paddle before…