#177- Improvement – Avoid Overwhelm by Focusing on 1 Thing at a Time
A lot of times how we view our pickleball is we want to do everything at the same time. We want a third shot, to win more games, deal with…
#169- The Pickleball is All – How Hyper Focusing on the Ball Will Help you Play Calmer … and Better Pickleball
There’s a calmness that comes from the singular focus on the ball because everything else around you becomes irrelevant. This week, we’re going to dive into a subject to help…
#161- The Best from our Archives Part 3 – Forget the Score | PLUS There is more to Pickleball than Shots
Focusing on the score can distract you from obtaining the best results for your game. Well, when you set out to play pickleball, you got to keep track of the…
#141- One Point at a Time and One Thing at a Time
Want to win your next pickleball game? Of course you do. We all want that. The trick is how to do it. Rather than focusing on winning the game, what…