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4 Health & Fitness Pitfalls for People over 50
As we age, our bodies change. The solutions that worked in our younger days stop yielding the same results. Along with that, life gets faster and busier. Taking care of…
Pickleball Playing Tips
Playing Tip: Stay in the Moment
Good players can lose points when they become mentally distracted. The biggest enemy of your pickleball game is self-flagellation. You miss a shot and you beat yourself up about it.…
Pickleball rules
Rules Review: Too Excited in Pickleball?
When is Exuberance Illegal? In doubles play, it is important to communicate with your partner. You might call shots, yell warnings about balls that are likely out, call your partner…
Pickleball Playing Tips
Playing Tip: Stay Back After Your Serve
The goal is to get to the kitchen line (non-volley zone) as quickly as you can but don’t be in too big of a rush.  When you were a novice, you…
Playing Tip: The 10% Challenge
So you are in the groove, playing pretty well and syncing with your partner of the moment. Suddenly everything gets thrown off balance because one of your opponents, or maybe…
Pickleball rules
Pickleball Rules-Is an Erne Legal
Do you know that you are allowed to stand anywhere on or off the court at any time during play? The only exception is when you are serving. You must…
Injury Prevention
Eye Protection for Sports
In 1984, while playing a casual round of golf, I heard someone yell my name, and I turned. Even though that injury occurred more than 30 years ago, I can still…
physical fitness
What Is a Fitness Assessment and Why Does it Matter?
If you are 45 or older, you likely remember the President’s Council on Physical Fitness Tests. Created by President Kennedy in 1963, it was all the rage through the ’60s…