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3rd shot hack
3rd Shot Drops
Three Strikes-No, Not Baseball, It’s a Pickleball Drop Shot Drill
Would a better drop shot improve your pickleball game? For most of us, the answer is a definite YES! The good news is you can develop one. The bad news…
just drop it
3rd Shot Drops
The Nine Point Third Shot Drill
Can you hit a pickleball drop shot into the kitchen from anywhere on the court? Unless you’re a top pro, you probably snickered when you read that. If so, you’re…
3rd Shot Drops
Improve Your Pickleball Third Shot Drop-Drill #1
Are you getting tired of hitting your third shot drop into the net? Perhaps you’re grappling with the opposite problem. Your pickleball drop shot is too high and easily smashed…
3rd Shot Drops
The Technique for a Consistent Pickleball Drop Shot
Are you consistently hitting your drop shots into the net? Or perhaps they’re so high; your opponents are hitting them back fast and hard at your feet? Then it’s time…