beat the banger

How to out bang pickleball bangers-or should you?

By Tony Roig / February 5, 2022 /

One of the conundrums many pickleball players experience is how to develop an effective strategy when they are staring at a banger on the other side of the net. Pickleball bangers have been a part of pickleball since at least when I started playing in 2015. I am not sure whether banging has increased as…

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The Soft Game Is Always the Right Answer

By Tony Roig / December 18, 2021 /

Pickleball is an odd sport. In many other sports, the game gets faster the more you advance. Tennis serves get harder. Baseball pitches faster. And so on. That’s not the nature of Pickleball. It’s actually is backward. As you advance in the game, the game does not speed up. To the contrary, it slows down.…

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