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Age smart Techniques to Stay competitive and Have more fun!

Unlock pickleball's Fountain of Youth with timeless strategies designed specifically for senior players.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Deb Harrison, renowned for her exceptional ageless playing career and innovative coaching techniques, you'll learn how to gracefully overcome the hurdles of remaining competitive as time passes.

This class, "Strategies and Tactics for Senior Players," is tailored specifically for the seasoned athlete. It offers essential techniques and insights to deepen your understanding and enhance your play. You'll acquire the skills to outsmart your opponents, ensuring you enjoy the game for years to come.

Deb Harrison

You'll learn to

Create an effective serve and return to set the pace right from the start of the game.

Use the non-volley zone to your advantage and dictate the flow of the game.

Stand your ground against the hard hitters, turning their power plays into your points

Tweak your shots and strategies to remain competitive even as the years add up.

Use clever placement to keep your opponents guessing.

Apply the 'secret sauce" of the soft game to to keep control of the tempo and win more games.

Stay safe while playing, dodging injuries, and keeping the fun going for years to come.

Module 1 - Return of Serve

You'll learn techniques to hit deep, effective returns that set you up for success in every game.

Module 2 - Advancing to the NVZ

Unlock strategies to quickly and efficiently move to the NVZ, tailoring your strategy to your strengths and abilities.

Module 3 - Effective NVZ Play

Transform the NVZ into your stronghold, using strategic plays to induce errors and unsettle opponents of any age.

Module 4 - Conquering the Bangers

Discover how to anticipate shots and neutralize power players with strategies that turn their strength into your advantage.

Module 5 - Placement Over Power

Understand how to use ball placement to outthink and outplay opponents and stay one step ahead.

Module 6 - Safety on the Court

Prioritize your well-being with essential advice on playing safely to enjoy every game to the fullest.

Bonus - Double Bounce Feather Drop

Master the subtle art of soft volleys and learn to place the ball just out of your opponents' reach.

Meet Your Coach

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Deb Harrison

Deb, a passionate sports enthusiast and dedicated educator, started her illustrious journey with a Bachelor's in Education from the University of Massachusetts, followed by a Master's in Science from East Stroudsburg. Her notable achievements include being selected for the 1968 United States Field Hockey Team, a testament to her skill and dedication to sports. This paved the way for a rewarding career in teaching and coaching, where she has left a significant impact.

In the world of Pickleball, Deb distinguishes herself with one of the first YouTube channels dedicated to the sport, featuring over 200 instructional videos. She is a formidable competitor, earning over 120 medals in various tournaments, highlighted by a gold medal at the 2024 US Open. Today, Deb commits her time to teaching Pickleball at Recreation Plantation near The Villages, Florida. She is known for traveling across the country to conduct coaching sessions where she shares her expertise and passion for the game.

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