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By: Tony Roig | February 16, 2024 |

Strategic Poaching in Pickleball Doubles – When to use it

The poach in pickleball – about as controversial as our sport can get. Should players poach – or not? And do you like the poach in this video.

Whenever you’re trying to decide whether a strategy makes sense, the first thing is context. You need to ask yourself, does the strategy make sense in this situation?

As you play, think of the context in which you’re playing. Think of what’s going on in your court and figure out the best strategy for your game.

For instance; In any double situation, when you have one partner who’s being completely iced out, you need to start thinking about.

    • How can we break this situation up?
    • How can we release my partner from the jail cell that they’re being put in and isolated in that jail cell?
    • What can we do differently to break it up?

In this video I will make the case on behalf of the poach – even when it is not successful. And you can let me know whether I was successful in my argument.

Here’s the video breakdown;

0:00: Introduction to the Nationals pickleball Senior Pro footage

1:15: No. 1 – what is the strategic context of the game you are playing

2:57: No. 2 – how can you support your partner during the match

6:37: No. 3 – what can we do different from a strategic point

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