STOP Playing With a Pickleball Paddle that is WRONG For You
By: Tony Roig | May 29, 2023 |

STOP Playing With a Pickleball Paddle that is WRONG For You

A pickleball paddle that is too heavy for you can lead to poor play (too slow to get it in position) and potential arm pain (more weight = more stress to your arm).

Just how head-heavy is your pickleball paddle? While the weight of your paddle is important (scale weight), the weight of your paddle as it swings is actually more important (swing weight).

If you have a paddle that’s too heavy for you, chances are you’re overstressing your arm.

The single most important characteristic in a pickle ball paddle is the paddle’s swing weight. The paddle swing weight will affect how the paddle plays, the speed you can wield it out on the court as well as potential damage to your arm from a paddle that’s too heavy when you swing it.

Swing weight is different than static weight or gross weight. Static weight would be if I took this scale and I put this paddle on the scale and weighed it.

Some paddles are heavier on the top than the bottom, and that affects the swing rate of the paddle.

In this video we share with you how to calculate your paddle’s balance.  You can access our Paddle Selection as well as our Paddle Optimization guides by visiting us here:

0:00 Intro to Paddle Swing Weight

1:13 Head Heaviness Explanation

8:00 Tools you will need to calculate Swing weight

9:20 Calculating Balance Line and Centerline to calculate your paddle’s head heaviness

12:37 Comparison and analysis between two paddle swing weights

15:13 Conclusion

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