Stop giving away pickleball points with this FIX
By: Tony Roig | May 22, 2023 |

Stop Giving Away Pickleball Points With This FIX

Missing a return of serve is “no bueno.”

If you are committng this error in your pickleball play, you are giving away tons of points when you are in action.

We share with you the most common cause for missed returns of serve out on the pickleball court and give you a specific recommendation about how to fix it.

Joe’s going to serve me some balls now and I’m going to show the difference between a return of serve where you’re not rushing and a return of serve where you’re rushing, running through the ball, potentially missing it.

Apply the tip in this video and watch those errors fade away.

0:00 Introduction to the cause of missed pickleball returns of serve

0:38 Demonstration of forehand and backhand rushed returns

1:09 Conclusion and Recommendations

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