By: Tony Roig | September 19, 2022 |

Learn To Spin The Pickleball Correctly

This pickleball video is part of a 3-part series on learning pickleball spins.

The first two videos covered pickleball spins and their actual impact on your shots and showed you the wrong way to spin the pickleball (more commonly used than you might think).

Video 1 answered whether spins were suitable for your pickleball game (spoiler – probably not right now). Find Video 1 here: https://youtu.be/q2vFlCg76cI.

Video 2 showed you a common mistake made by players trying to impart spin onto the ball. Find Video 2 here: https://youtu.be/rOuj2akU_9A.

This week’s video shows you how to impart spin to the pickleball properly. Before you move on, we recommend you first watch Videos 1 and 2 in this series. They are in this order for a reason. There’s a decent chance that you are already doing some of the pickleball techniques shown in Video 3 (this video).

The key is to understand how this technique, not the windshield wiper (or similar) technique, generates the spin you are looking for.

Remember: Almost every shot you hit in pickleball will impart some spin to the ball. It is how things work. As the pickleball paddle makes contact and pushes forward and through the ball to propel the ball along its intended shot trajectory, some of that paddle motion will make the ball (a sphere) spin in some direction.

The key is to understand this mechanic. This way, you will stop doing the things that do not work and cause pickleball errors and instead focus on what works. Spins are fine and are part of pickleball. The issue is not with the spin itself. The pickleball errors come from adding that extra spin you may think you are adding by flicking the wrist or brushing up (or down) across the pickleball.

By understanding the proper mechanics of pickleball spin, you can appreciate how you are actually spinning the pickleball and avoid potential distractions that will lead to more errors in your pickleball game.

Have fun out there.

0:00 Introduction to Video 3 of the Pickleball Spins Series
0:37 Errors in hitting a Pickleball Topspin Shot
0:59 How to properly spin a pickleball to minimize pickleball errors
1:45 Pickleball topspin roll volley demonstration
2:00 Pickleball underspin or slice demonstration

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