By: Tony Roig | September 8, 2022 |

Should you try to spin the pickleball?

Most pickleball players, at some point, want to add spins into their games. The belief is that adding spins is what is missing to help a player “break out.”

This belief is often misplaced, and, in fact, adding spins often retards a player’s improvement. Or worse yet, results in the deterioration of the player’s game.

In this pickleball video series, we look at spins. The very first topic (covered here in Video 1) is to examine whether pickleball spins are really “all that.” What is the actual impact of spin on your pickleball shots? And does this impact merit the time and attention that spins will require to learn in addition to the increase in errors from the added variability of spins in your shots? Once you watch the video, you will be better informed as to whether spins are worth adding to your pickleball game.

The second video covers some common mistakes in how spins are hit by pickleball players. In a nutshell, you cannot use the same techniques used to spin a tennis ball to spin a pickleball. A pickleball paddle is 

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