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Rule Review: Foot Faults

We are very aware of the kitchen line and watch for feet crossing it while volleying. We should be paying the same attention to foot faults during serving. You don’t want to lose your serve because of carelessness at the baseline.

During the serve, at the time the ball is struck, the server’s feet may not touch the baseline or anywhere inside the court.

Did you know it is also a foot fault if your feet touch the area outside the imaginary extension of the sideline or the centerline?

Unlike the strict rules for the kitchen, it is OK if the momentum of your serve carries you forward across the baseline AFTER your paddle strikes the ball.

Next time you play take a look at your feet. No sense in standing so close to the service line that you might accidentally foot fault.

Bev writes a weekly email blast for our pickleball club. She delivers the rules with clarity and a sense of humor. If you have a rules question post it in the comments below.




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