Reduce your Errors with these Pickleball Strategies and Tips
By: Tony Roig | August 4, 2023 |

Reduce your Errors with these Pickleball Strategies and Tips

You do some things right. And some things that could be better in pickleball.

In this pickleball video we breakdown a 4.5 level tournament match from the Toledo Invitational (full link below).

We highlight 2 areas that the players in the match did well so that you can copy those: They use pickleball soft game to their advantage, it’s exactly how players advance in their games. The second area that both of these teams do very well is their serve side movement. 

We also shares 2 areas where the players could use some improvement, so that you too can avoid the pitfalls of these errors: The first area is with stroke mechanics, with their shot mechanics. The second area where these players could improve is their net awareness. 

There is simply no outcome of a shot that is worse than your ball landing harmlessly in the net.

Use the tips learned in this video to continue working on your play and you’re going to enjoy a better pickleball game.

Thank you to Team Hanlon Pickleball for sharing the footage for this video. Subscribe to @TeamHanlonPickleball for more match content.

0:00 Introduction to the 4.5 pickleball match and process for the video

0:20 Good Pickleball Play 1 – Use of the soft game including third shot drops and block volleys

1:30 Good Pickleball Play 2 – Efficient pickleball movement on the serve side

3:30 Good Be Better 1 – More compact and simplified pickleball shot mechanics, including not over-rotating to spin the ball

6:45 Good Be Better 2 – Better net awareness to reduce the number of pickleball errors coming from this area

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