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You're a Rising Star. You are ready to break through to the next level

This stage has two distinct phases depending on if you are in the beginning or towards the end of the stage.

  1. You've been playing for some time but are feeling stuck and unsure what to do.
  2. You realize that while it's taken time, you're finally understanding the game better and know that the next level isn't that far off.
If you're in phase number 1 of this stage:

Suppose you've been playing for a bit now and feel like you've plateaued. It's frustrating to feel stuck while you see your peers keep getting better. You're spinning your tires, but you're not sure what to do next, and that's maddening. You know that you're capable of playing at a different level, but you're not showing it, and it's vexing because you don't know what needs to be fixed.

You are getting slammed too often. It should be so much less, but you often pop up the ball, especially under pressure.

While your accuracy has improved and you've added various shots to your game, you're often unsure what the best shot to hit is. You see others dictate play, and you know you can too, but how do you become the protagonist in your games?

You lose focus on the court. Uncertainty and self-doubt sometimes creep in.

If you're in phase number 2 of this stage:

You've likely suffered from some or all of phase number 1. After all, it's darkest before the dawn. However, now you are starting to feel like the curtains are rising, and you are starting to see the story being told on the court.

You've been asked to play in the higher groups. When you watch the better players, you're no longer mystified with the difference between your game and theirs. You are starting to understand (see) what's happening on their court.

As you're getting better, you still sometimes suffer from a lack of confidence, particularly when you're trying to add a new part to your game.

You've noticed that your body is improving (fewer aches and pains), but you think you probably need to do more than simply warm-up and cool down.

You're feeling good and hungry for more.


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We’re CJ and Tony

Before we go any further, let us introduce ourselves...we’re pickleball experts.

We help players just like you play their best pickleball. Players love our YouTube content so much that we have amassed more than 90,000 YouTube subscribers and 9,000,000 views (and counting). We teamed up in 2020 to create a success-focused online pickleball learning machine that extends far beyond YouTube.

The centerpiece of the learning machine is THE Pickleball System which has helped thousands of players understand the game better and improve as players.

Spoiler alert: We don't believe in secrets; we believe in three pillars to learning pickleball, filling in the knowledge gap, and then showing up!

We'll help you eliminate the noise and focus on YOUR journey.

Want to know more about Rising Stars?

When you know exactly how to play your best pickleball nothing can stop you

You'll benefit most from building solid strategic thinking by focusing on the Strategic Pillar of Pickleball™.

No matter which phase of this stage you are in, you are moving from Pillar 1, the Mechanical Pillar, to the Strategic Pillar. You'll benefit most by tying up loose ends on the mechanics of your shots and begin to focus your energy on building solid strategic thinking, understanding what shot to hit when.

Shifting from a purely mechanical focus to a strategic focus is challenging and is why so many players often find the early part of this stage difficult. But the shift is absolutely critical to breaking through to the next level.

The best place to start is the return side. The return side has a positional advantage. Players who learn how to take and maintain this advantage gift fewer points to their opponents.

How many points do you give the other team each game? If you lock down your return side and stop giving away free points, you'll automatically win more games.

Reducing errors on the return side is the key to advancement. We are often stuck not because we cannot win points but because we are losing too many (we explain this fully inside the Path). Therefore, you will learn how to self-correct, allowing you to minimize your errors and capitalize on your opponent's mistakes.

You will learn how to see the game through rally breakdowns and exercises designed to help you recognize the happenings during a rally and to spot both the optimal and the less-than-optimal things that happen during a rally.

As you work through the Strategic Pillar, you'll begin to feel the fog lifting. You'll start developing the ability to self-correct. You can now see what you're doing well and what you need to work on. You're no longer jumping from one thing to another, lowering your frustration and overwhelm.

As you work on this stage, your game will look more and more like the games of the best players in your community, and your opportunities for play will reflect your improvement.

The Rising Stars' Most Valuable Resources

There’s no shortage of resources for you, friend. This should get you started, but trust us when we say this is just a sample. We’re constantly creating new material for you to learn from delivered in a variety of formats to meet your learning needs.

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