The Stacking lab

The Stacking Masterclass

Do you know how to stack?

Not just how to stand off to one side or the other. We mean knowing the ins and outs of stacking. When to do it? When not to do it? When to reverse stack (do you even know what that is)? Specific situations where you should NOT stack. In short, do you know how to apply this powerful concept in real time and vary it based on the opponents and the game as it unfolds?

What You Will Learn

The What’s and Why’s of Stacking
When to Stack–a Deep Dive
Advanced Stacking Strategies


An in-depth game breakdown will deepen your understanding and ability to apply what you’ve learned to your next game.

Bonus Videos

The Intersection of Stacking and Scoring
Stacking to Win at 15-14-2

A MUST for competitive or tournament players

Course Format-On Demand
Number of Hours-5 hours
Player Type-Intermediate to Advanced
Lifetime Access to the course contents

A sneak peek inside the module