8 week pickleball fitness challenge

The 8-Week Pickleball Fitness Challenge

Is fitness keeping you from playing your best pickleball?

You can have the best strokes in your group and know how to hit every shot exactly where you want it to go. But if you are too tired to execute the shot after just a few games, are you really going to be able to play your best? The 8-week challenge is designed to meet players at their current fitness levels and help them develop the stamina and muscle strength they need to play their best. No need for fancy workouts or going to the gym. All you’ll need is a pair of shoes and an open mind.

What You Will Learn

The Challenge format is based on HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training. Don’t let the name scare you. HIIT is short, intense bursts of exercise followed by periods of recovery. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that HIIT’s benefits are more significant than traditional cardio workouts for any age group. Haven’t tried HIIT? You will soon! The best part about HIIT is they are quick! (learn more about the benefits of HIIT)


In addition to improving your cardio conditioning by using pickleball footwork, you’ll build the upper body, lower body, and core muscles needed for pickleball. Plus, we’ll throw in a couple of balance and stability exercises into each workout to help you reach a new level.

Bonus Videos

We’ve got five bonus videos to help you understand exactly what your body needs to perform at a higher level on the pickleball courts. These videos include Weight Management, Cardio, Muscle Strength and Endurance, Flexibility and Mobility,  and Balance and Stability.

Additionally, there are warm-up, cool-down, and off-day stretching videos.

A MUST for anyone looking to improve their physical condition.

Course Format-On Demand
Number of Hours-10 hours
8 completely different workouts with detailed coaching and printable exercises list
Fitness Levels-Beginner  to Advanced
Lifetime Access to the course

A sneak peek inside the module.