Getting Started Right-The Beginner Course

Getting Started Right-The Beginner Course

Are You New2Pickleball?

One of the great things about pickleball is that other players love to help us. One of the challenging things about learning pickleball is other players love to help us.

Sometimes the advice you are getting is correct. Topics like scoring and the two bounce are usually pretty accurate.

Unfortunately, often the advice is wrong. Things like: rush to the NVZ on the 3rd shot, wait for the ball to bounce before stepping into the kitchen, or the forehand takes the shot in the middle. Not only is it bad advice, but it can limit your improvement.

How do we know?

First, we were in your shoes once and got the same bad advice.

Secondly, we spend a lot of time helping players correct those mistakes later in their pickleball journey.

That’s why we created the Getting Started Series-Beginner Course and offer it for free. We want you to begin your pickleball journey on the right foot!

What You Will Learn

The rules you need to know to start having fun
How to hit the shots you need to play the game
Fundamental strategies to
How to fit in and stay calm as a new player (Athletic Pillar)

For any player interested in getting started right

Course Format-On Demand
Course Length-21 videos for a total of 45 minutes
Player Type-New player to Advanced Beginner

Here’s a sneak peek inside the module.