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#141- One Point at a Time and One Thing at a Time

Want to win your next pickleball game? Of course you do. We all want that. The trick is how to do it. Rather than focusing on winning the game, what you need to focus on when you're out on the ...
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Improve Your Stress Resistance Title

#140- Improve Your Stress Resistance

There are two sides to playing pickleball: you resist stress and you impart stress. The better you are able to resist stress, the less likely you will be to make an error when you play – the less likely to ...
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Focus on the Important and Be Your Own Coach

#139- Focus on the Important and Be Your Own Coach

Keeping your eye on the ball is more than just watching the pickleball. It also means differentiating what matters from what matters not so much. A good way of thinking about it is through marginal advantages. Marginal advantages helps you ...
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#138- Did I Almost Cry? Yes. Yes I did.

Quattro (4) tips to help you in your pickleball journey: A guide on a couple of things during the way We're going to cover; a perspective subject, talk about the body a little bit because it's a super important part ...
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#137-Stop Chasing Winners and 2023 Open Notes

If you can STOP chasing winners, you will win more. When you chase winners, you make more mistakes. When you make more mistakes, you lose more points. Simple as that. CJ and I got back from the US Open on ...
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#136- Special Episode- Perspective from the 2023 US Open

 Winning. Losing. They are both natural parts of   our sport. Perspective is something you can control. Gain it, and you will feel better, play better, and enjoy a healthier relationship with Pickleball. This is my eighth year at the US ...
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#135- Using Your SuperComputer for Better Pickleball

"Wait, I have a super computer?" you may ask. You 100% have one. And it is powerful. Makes ChatGPT (and all computers or programs) green with envy. There is a good chance, though, that you are not using it to ...
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#134- Winning by NOT plus Better Focus

There are games that transform us as players. And they are generally not victories. In this episode I share with you the two most important games I ever played and how those games allowed me to become the player I ...
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Partner Poaching- What to do?

#133- Partner Poaching – What to do?

  Partner poaching- players hitting another player's ball. It's part of the game when done appropriately. But it can also be used as a tool by one player to try and play an oversized role during the game. It is ...
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Avoid this Pickleball Pitfall (All Shots and No Framework)

#132- Avoid this Pickleball Pitfall (All Shots and No Framework)

Many players fall into a pitfall of their own making. Specifically, players think that they need this shot or that shot. And that the framework of the game is secondary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think of it ...
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#131- Do You Have a Pickleball GPS Guiding You?

Ever use GPS to find your way somewhere new to you? Pretty helpful right? Otherwise, you are stopping at gas stations and asking passers by where this road is or that. If you are using a map and get turned around ...
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#130- Special Episode – What is Next for You? – Perhaps the Miniseries

This is a special episode. Our System Miniseries is this week and we did not want you to miss it. What is next for you along your pickleball journey? Define what you want as a pickleball player. If you want ...
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#129- Are You Acting Like “that” Player Out there?

Every pickleball player has come across that player who other players shrink from playing with: negative energy, eye rolls, verbally negative comments. How are you interacting with others on the court? If others are recoiling from playing with you, or ...
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