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Playing Tip: Calling Lines

calling linesPlaying Tip: Calling Lines-Never in Doubt            

How would you like to hear your dentist say “I think that was the right tooth.” Or have your banker say “that check probably bounced.”

Pickleball is by its nature a very social game, which occasionally leads to less than authoritative line calls. As a player, it’s your job to call the lines. Don’t be afraid to call it out if that’s what you think.

When you make line calls, don’t be equivocal. “I think it was out” or “that’s probably long” or that serve “might be wide” doesn’t cut it.

If you believe a shot is out, say it loudly, clearly, and with conviction. Shout it “OUT.”

If you are not clear on calling lines, which are different from tennis, make sure to check out this previous post.

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