Three Pillars

Learn to Play Your Best by Using The Three Pillars of Pickleball

Mechanical Pillar

The Mechanical Pillar is the “How to” of Pickleball. How to hit the shot and there are three parts to the Mechanical Pillar:


Shoulder moving the paddle

The often overlooked connection between your foot’s position on the court and the shoulder on your hitting arm.

Strategic Pillar

The Strategic Pillar is the “What to do when” of Pickleball. It is understanding the framework of the game.

To play your best pickleball, you need to not only be in the right spot and be able to hit a consistent, repeatable shot, you also need to know what shot is the best to hit in what situation.

Take the third shot drop. It is often the optimal shot, but not always.

Athletic Pillar

The Athletic Pillar ties it all together and takes us to the next level on the court. If you want to play your best pickleball, you need to expand beyond just the "how to hit" and "what to do when" on the court. You need to learn to use your mind and body to their fullest capacity.

Most players overlook the importance of these concepts. But even if you know they are important, how do you do it?