The Pickleball System

Pickleball System Waitlist

There are two reasons why an Application Process is required for you to be considered for the next The Pickleball System class:

A System class is intended for a certain type of player, namely, a player who is genuinely interested in growing and who is willing to see pickleball through a different lens. Seats are only reserved for players who will benefit from joining the class and community.

CJ and Tony are earnest in their desire to empower players with the knowledge about the game that they have earned through their years of study and coaching pickleball. The Application process allows us to make sure we are all rowing in the same direction.

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How long have you been playing pickleball?*
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Are you committed to working through the System over the next 12 months to improve your pickleball game? Please note that this commitment does not mean 24/7 study or drilling. It is a general statement that you are ready to give additional focus to your pickleball as part of the System class. Commitment is how you will get the most benefit out of the class.*
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