THE Pickleball System

Imagine How It Would Feel To Walk Onto a Court Able To See and Play Pickleball In An Entirely New Way

The Pickleball System will re-open early 2024

Pickleball coaching as unique as you...

Everything You Need To Improve Your Game And Confidently Reach Your Playing Potential

The Pickleball System Is a Holistic Approach to Improve Your Game. With It, You'll Learn...

Mechanical Pillar on Desktop and Mobile

The “how to”
of pickleball

How to consistently hit your shots where you want and with fewer errors, including the serve, return of serve, volleys, dinks, and third shot drop.

How to be ready - optimally so that you can respond effectively to every shot coming your way.

How to improve your movement, making it easier for you to get to each shot with faster footwork. 

Strategic Pillar on Desktop and Mobile

“What shot
to hit when”

How to know the right shot to hit allowing you to play to your strengths and take advantage of your opponent’s weakness.

How to choose the best strategy when you’re playing on the return side as well as when you’re playing on the serve side. They’re different!

How to “see” the game and make decisions in real-time. It is a lot more fun playing pickleball like this! 😃

Athletic Pillar on Desktop and Mobile

"Mind - Body"

How to get the most out of your body to play your best and avoid injuries, including balance, flexibility, and more.

How to keep your focus on the court, reducing the anxiety and overwhelm that naturally happens when we play.

How to enjoy a healthier and happier relationship with the sport you love – as well as your life in general – with  an improved body-mind connection.

Above All Else...

THE Pickleball System will give you the confidence to finally play more consistently, utilizing the right shots and strategies with the physical and mental stamina to play YOUR BEST Pickleball.

What THE Pickleball System Members Are Saying

Martha R.

"You both are so supportive; it felt like I was learning from friends. You didn't treat it as "pay for the course," and you're on your own. You continue to stay engaged with your students. Most importantly, I have learned so much."

Robb B.

"I’ve been an adult educator/ motivational speaker for three decades….I recall the phrase "many have knowledge but few can teach"… both have the teaching and inspirational gift."

Jane C.

The Pickleball System has been invaluable. I continuously go back and re-study the modules, practice, and try to incorporate them into my play. I just have to remember to improve one skill at a time. Other players in my group have really noticed the improvement.

Mike E.

I have achieved my goal, and I am playing at a 4.0 level. I’ve also qualified for Nationals in two events! I use the System daily to help me focus on what I’m trying to accomplish that day. Thanks for all your help.

Wanda R.

My confidence is my greatest accomplishment. This is definitely attributed to my understanding of the framework of the game and my ability to analyze my shortcomings and make the proper adjustments. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. I wish I had all the money and time back I’ve invested over the years and had the System.

Alan C.

I have really benefitted from your course and am still working on lots of things, but to have an IDEA on the court about how to move, how to hit, when to make a shot, and where, specifically during the first four shots, has been transformational for me. 

We call it THE Pickleball System because it's a SYSTEM

It's not a bunch of videos where you have to pick and choose (you can do that on YouTube). The System is a structured class with a framework designed to help you create a step-by-step path to achieve YOUR pickleball goals.  And CJ and Tony will be with you as you start working through the System to make sure you’re on the fastest track to improvement.

No matter if you're a beginning player just getting your feet wet, a not-so-newbie lacking confidence, or a frustrated experienced player who knows you’re capable of more, we got you covered!