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Best of the Best: Pickleball Summit Replay Collection

Unlock exclusive access to our top-rated workshops and coaching sessions designed to enhance your pickleball experience.

Dive into the essential techniques and strategies that will sharpen your gameplay, all taught directly by the best players and coaches in the game. This unique collection offers you insider knowledge to refine your skills, improve your understanding of the game, and enjoy playing at any level.

Enjoy the replays of one Summit or bundle them for even more intensive learning.

The Best of the Pickleball Summit

Unlock the Secrets of the Best Pros and Experts in Pickleball with Our Curated Replay Collection

The Pickleball Summit is your chance to learn from the most influential coaches and top-performing professionals in the game.

Whether you're new to the game, aiming to lay a solid foundation, or looking to refine your skills, this collection offers invaluable insights into every aspect of the game.

What you'll learn

Learn the pickleball shots you ACTUALLY need and make fewer errors when you play.

Optimal strategies to win more rallies and frustrate your opponents.

Understand "why" surrounding pickleball strategy - gain power and eliminate doubt.

Stronger and more focused mindset, breaking you free from negative thoughts.

The keys to playing successful pickleball without the noise and distraction.

Become a confident and competent pickleball player.

Strengthen your relationship with the game you love and enjoy pickleball in a whole new way.

Best of the Best

Summit 2023

Join the legends at the 2023 Pickleball Summit. Benefit from the experience of the "Queen of the Lob," Stephanie Lane, Certified Referee and APP-Director of Officiating Byron Freso, and sports psychologist and author Dr. Peter Scales - Coach Pete.

Dive deep into techniques and strategies to learn to play like a legend. 

2023 Summit Presentations

Barrett Kincheloe - This is your path to 4.5 Pickleball

Brad Walker - Minimize Injuries with this Warm-up and Stretch Routine

Byron Freso - Demystifying the Rules of the Pickleball Serve

Cara Zaller - Nutritional Strategies for Pickleball Players

Chris Karges - Handling Hard-Hit Balls

Collin Johns - Discipline is Important at all Levels of Play.

Deb Harrison - Learn to Stress Dink your Opponent.

Lee Holden - Use this Ancient Practice for Greater Energy and Focus

Linda Thompson - Paddle Positioning In the Transition Zone

Dr. Allen Rosenthal - A Doctor’s Guide to Effective Injury Treatment and Recovery

Dr. Peter Scales “Coach Pete” - Mindset Tactics to Play Better 

Dr. Rachel Waugh - Elbow Pain? Not if you do this!

Dustin Davis - Preventing and Relieving Common Lower Body Injuries.

Eva Welsher - Tips to Real Improvement

Jim Ramsey - Numbers do not lie - Pros just do not miss these Shots

Rob Davidson - Gain Maximum Positional Advantage

Russell Elefterion - 10 Top Pro Tips You Can Use

Stephanie Lane - Up and Over is a Strong Option

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Best of the Best

Summit 2022

Transform your pickleball skills at the 2022 Summit with sessions led by Nicole Havlicek of Primetime Pickleball, Collin Johns, a Top 5 Pickleball Professional, and Dr. Todd Kays, renowned sports psychologist and author.

Gain an edge at your local game with expert insights and next-level playing techniques.

2022 Summit Presentations

Adam Richards - 10 skills every Pickleball Player needs to know

Barrett Kincheloe - Learn Perfect Topspin

Chris Karges - Beat the Banger

Collin Johns - Constructing Your Game from The Bottom Up

Deb Harrison - The Perfect Pickleball Dink

DJ Howard - DJ’s Top Tips for “Perfect” Pickleball

Dr. Peter Scales - Change Your Mind - Change Your Game

Dr. Todd M. Kays - The “Perfect” Pickleball Mindset

Eddie Adkins - Is Your Game Evolving?

Helle Sparre - “Perfect” Court Coverage

John Sperling - The Perfect Third Shot Drop

Ken Herrmann - Play your “Perfect” Tournament

Kevin Huckle - The Perfect Shoe

Marcus Luke - Playing After Injury

Mark Peifer -  Rules Update

Nancy Burns - Play Longer and Avoid Pain

Nicole Havlicek - What it REALLY takes to Breakthrough to 4.0+

Sarah Mitten - Fix these 3 Errors in Your Game

Shea Underwood - The Perfect Grip for You

Yvonne Ting - The Perfect Volley

Women’s Panel - Women Empowering Women

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Save over 30% when you bundle all three
Just $147 $221

Best of the Best

Summit 2021

Master the court with insights from 15 presentations by top experts such as Picklepong Deb Harrison, one of YouTube's original pickleball Channels, Helle Sparre of Dynamite Doubles, and Barrett Kinchloe of Pickleball Kitchen.

Unlock the strategies and techniques that will elevate your game and enhance your tactical understanding.

2021 Summit Presentations

Allan Rosenthal- Pickleball Smart Shoes

Barrett Kincheloe - Something for the 3.5 Player

Brad Walker - Stay Loose and Limber

Bryan Munoz - Rotational Exercises

Deb Harrison - You can “Cheat” Time

Don Stanley - Rules Misconception

Dottie Berry, aka Coach B - Step Into Your Power

Dr. Peter Scales - Compete-Learn-Honor

Eddie Adkins - One “AHA” Moment on My Journey to 4.0

Edward Hechter - Choosing a Pickleball -  It’s Not the Roof, It’s The Floor

Gigi Fernandez - Top 3 Volley’s Do’s and Dont’s 

Helle Sparre - Court Positioning For Sucess

John Sperling - Stop Getting Slammed

Mike Schwartz - What to Consider When Purchasing a Ball Machine

Scott Fliegelman - Avoid Disarming Yourself on the Court

The Hackenbergs - Your Partner Missed That Shot Now What?

Yvonne Ting - Slow the Game Down

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Save over 30% when you bundle all three
Just $147 $221

Meet Your Summit Hosts

CJ and Tony have hand-picked the best coaches and teachers in the game to offer you actionable insights to improve your game.


CJ Johnson

Hey, pickleball friends. CJ here. Playing your best pickleball goes beyond mastering efficient strokes. It requires a holistic approach that involves both the mind and body. Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same. I'm committed to helping students see their potential and to do everything I can to help them realize their untapped capabilities. In 2016 I started the Better Pickleball Channel. In addition to my pickleball expertise, I have logged many years of experience in helping enhance the performance of athletes across multiple sports. With my background as a PGA Golf Pro, PSIA Ski Instructor, and ISSA Personal Trainer, I help pickleball players achieve their best performance on and off the court. My years as an athlete and coach have given me a keen eye for discerning what can help you improve the most. My passion is to stand at your side as you continue to discover and grow in this amazing sport.

Tony Roig

Hello there. As an unabashed pickleball superfan myself, I look forward to sharing this awesome pickleball journey with you. Not only has pickleball changed my life as I've evolved into a Senior Pro Player, but I've also seen it radically enhance the lives of thousands of players. This is what keeps me doing what we do...helping pickleball players all over strengthen their relationship to this amazing sport. I've been called a master strategist and impactful pickleball content creator. And, yes, I've produced numerous videos for the In2Pickle YouTube channel, am host of the one-of-a-kind Pickleball Therapy podcast, and I even wrote a book, "Play Pickleball". But what most allows me to stand before you as your pickleball Coach comes as a result of my earning the highest pickleball coaching certification available...a Master Teaching Professional from the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association).

Tony Bio

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