Pickleball Spin Serve 2023
By: Tony Roig | September 22, 2022 |

Pickleball Spin Serve-2023 RULES CHANGE//Banned or No?

The 2023 Pickleball Rules Updates are out. The pickleball spin serve has NOT been banned. The pre-spun serve HAS been banned.

USAPA or (USA Pickleball rules committee) has changed the 2023 Pickleball Rules, and the pickleball serve rule will likely be changed.

The problem is the enforcement mechanism. If the returner believes that the server imparted spin on the ball, the returner can require a re-serve. This mechanism will increase on-court disagreements: which is not a result we should aim for.

0:00 Introduction to the Rules Update
0:30 You can still spin your serve
1:06 The enforcement mechanism in the 2023 Pickleball Rules Update
2:55 A better approach to avoid disagreements – use the drop serve

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