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Pickleball Rule-Ever Forget Where You Should Be Standing?

Ever finish a point in a pickleball game and completely forget what side of the court you should be standing on? I’ll bet it’s happened to all of us!

Do you know that Pickleball Rule 4.B.6.B can help you find out where you and your opponents should be standing on the court?

Pickleball Rule 4.B.6.B states when the team’s score is even (0,2,4 etc.)The team’s starting servers, correct position, is on the right/even side of the court. When the team scores odd (1,3,5 etc.), the starting servers correct position is on the left or the odd side of the court.

First, let me give you a little tip on how to use the rulebook. Since this is a subsection of section 4, you’ll get a better understanding of this rule if you look back at section 4.

Section 4 tells us that these rules refer to the Serve, Serve Sequence, and Scoring Rules. Rule 4B refers to player positions, I. E where we’re standing or receiving on the court. To take it one step further. Rule 4.B.1 tells us it’s talking about both the server and receiver. It further says that their positions on the court can be determined by the score and position at the start of the game.

Now if you move down just a little bit further, you’ll notice that rule 4.B.6.B refers to doubles play.

We now know that this rule is talking about the serve, serve sequence, scoring rules (Rule 4) player position (rule4.B), and specifically doubles (Rule 4.B.6).

Now that you understand how to use the pickleball rulebook let’s dive into 4.B.6.B

The starting score in every game is 0-0 both even numbers. Note which player on each team is standing on the right/even side of the court at the beginning of the game.  At any point in the future of this game this rule tells me that when a teams’ score is even, the same person who was standing on the even side when the game started should be serving or receiving from the even side.

Conversely, if that teams’ score is odd, the person who was on the even side at the start of the game should now be serving or receiving from the odd/left side of the court.

Clear as mud?  If you still have questions, make sure to watch the video for a more in-depth discussion.


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We know this isn’t the only pickleball rule that’s confusing. Put your rules questions in the comments below. It just might end up in a future video!


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