By: CJ Johnson | September 7, 2019 |

The Second Hardest Shot in Pickleball

Most people consider the third shot is the toughest pickleball shot to hit consistently. Do you know the second hardest shot in pickleball to master?

If you said the Reset Shot you’re correct. Here’s what 4 time US Open Champ Laura Fenton Kovanda has to say about the resetting the ball to the kitchen.

What is a reset shot and why do we need it? Resetting the ball meaning means that when we are in the transition area of the court we hit the ball back into the kitchen. That allows our team to move forward to the NVZ.

If we drive a ball, that ball is coming back at us even faster, and most of us over 50 aren’t as quick as we used to be. The drive limits the reaction time of the team that hit it.

Now that we know why we want to reset a ball into the kitchen, how do we actually hit the second hardest shot in pickleball?

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One of the biggest mistakes players make is if a ball is at their feet or up higher to their body, is that the paddle is parallel with the net.

Instead, if you want to hit the reset shot you must open up the paddle face so the trajectory of the ball automatically goes up off the paddle. The ball goes up to go down into the kitchen and now your team can move forward while that ball is traveling through the air.

How many times do you get a ball coming through the air at a slow speed and it’s so juicy? You just want to rip the heck out of it. I get it! That’s fun but what are you gaining? If you rip that ball, chances are it’s coming back to your feet at quickly and you have less time to react.

No doubt the reset shot is the second toughest shot in pickleball but once you master it you’ll find yourself winning more points.

Do you practice the reset shot? If so, what’s your favorite drill?

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