Pickleball Paddle TOO HEAVY? What You need to know about WEIGHT
By: Tony Roig | June 9, 2023 |

Pickleball Paddle TOO HEAVY? What You need to know about WEIGHT

Most pickleball paddle manufacturers (and players) talk about the Static Weight of a paddle. But it’s the swing weight that makes it playable!

Knowing the difference can help you play better with less stress on your arm.

As you swing the paddle through the air, think about it like, are you swinging it through air or are you swinging it through water? When you’re in water, it’s harder to move your arm.

If the paddle feels like you’re pulling it through water more than another paddle, that paddle has a higher swing weight than the paddle that’s easier to move through the air. A heavier swing rate paddle will give you more power into the ball, but you sacrifice speed and potentially some arm injury.

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0:00 intro

0:44 Determining Static Weight VS Swing Weight

2:04 Which one was heavier?

2:35 The arm problems caused by a heavy swing weight

3:09 The effect of swing weight on reaction time

3:32 The difference between Static and Swing Weight

4:39 The Definitive Pickleball Paddle Guide and the Paddle Optimization Guide

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